Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tarzan Family #66 - Dec. 1976

"Prisoner of the Tharks" by Marv Wolfman, Murphy Anderson, and Gray Morrow

For John Carter's final DC appearance, they chose to finally give him extra space, by reprinting the second half of Tarzan #207 and the whole story from Tarzan #208:
At twelve pages, this would be John Carter's longest appearance in Tarzan Family. Too bad it was devoted to a reprint, and his swan song at DC to boot.

Obviously DC got caught unawares that they were going to lose the ERB license, since just one issue previous they talked about all the plans they had for the book. But of course it was not to be--John Carter and the rest of his fellow ERB creations would soon migrate over to Marvel, where the Gentleman from Virginia would have a bit of a longer life...

Even though this is DC's last John Carter comic, we do have one more little DC-related detour to cover, which we'll see in two days!

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